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PPI Claims Process

We have developed a PPI Claims process to try and make it as easy as possible for you to check for any PPI that you may have held and to claim for any mis-sold PPI that you would like to claim back.
Our aim is to minimise the work you need to do and we are happy to do all the work for you. We will need your cooperation throughout the PPI claiming or PPI check process as the lender or company that we request PPI information from or complain to about mis-sold PPI may request some further information from us to help them to investigate your complaint fairly and efficiently.

The first step in the PPI claim process is to identify that you have actually had PPI on your finance/s. Once it has been confirmed that you have had had PPI we will then need to establish whether you may have a valid claim.

If we then think that you do have a valid claim and that you may have a reasonable chance of a successful claim we will then need some paperwork to be completed by you and returned to us. This paperwork allows us to act on your behalf and demand answers from your finance company or lender about the PPI.

Once we receive your completed PPI claim paperwork back in to our offices the paperwork will then be checked for any errors or missing information. Providing that the paperwork is filled out correctly and there is not any missing information a mis-sold PPI complaint will then be issued by our company on your behalf to the lender or company that sold the PPI to you.

Once a PPI claim is received by the lender or company that sold the PPI to you they must acknowledge the complaint in writing and then respond to your complaint in writing within 8 weeks to provide you with a final response, telling you whether your PPI complaint has been successful or why they may need more time to look into it.
If you are not happy with the companies final response, if they reject your complaint, or if you do not hear from them within 8 weeks of your complaint, then you may be entitled to ask the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) to look in to the problem for you and make an unbiased decision.

Tracking your claim’s progress

Once we have submitted your claim and any supporting documents to the lender or company that sold the PPI to you they will start investigating your claim.
We will keep you regularly updated throughout the course of the claim by telephone, letter and email. However if you would like an update or to track your claim’s progress then please do contact us and we will be happy to assist you with this.

We provide a professional, No Win-No Fee service, with no up-front charges. We look after all the paperwork and all the chasing for you. To get in touch, just complete our simple claim enquiry form and one of our friendly advisors will contact you and provide easy to understand information.
You can contact us by filling out our short form to request a call back, telephone us directly on 0161 872 7874, or by email at admin@dnmanley.co.uk
If we have been recommended to you by a friend/family member, or by one of our business partners please do inform us of this when we speak with you.


If you would like to start a Free PPI check or start a PPI claim fill out our form and provide us with some basic details. Alternatively you can call or email us with your enquiry.