Have you been mis-sold Solar Panels?

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Have you been mis-sold Solar Panels? Mis-selling of Solar Panels can include being mis-led about the benefits; being pressured into the purchase, being mis-sold a finance agreement to purchase the solar panels, being told that you would reduce your energy bills, being told that the solar panels would be self-funding and would pay for themselves, or provide you an income.

Everything You Need To Know About Mis-sold Solar Panels

Have You Been Mis-sold Solar Panels?

For a number of years many companies were mis-selling solar panels by misleading customers about how much income and savings could be made by purchasing solar panels. When in reality many customers were not experiencing any of the benefits and have actually ended up out of pocket.

How Were Solar Panels Funded?

Many people were misled into purchasing solar panels using a finance agreement or part funded by way of a credit card, and have been left with expensive monthly finance payments on top of still having to pay for their electricity. They were told that the solar panels would be an investment and that the solar panels would pay for themselves. 

What Are Solar Panels?

Solar panels are devices that convert light into electricity. Solar panels are made out of photovoltaic cells (PV) that convert the sun’s energy into electricity. The general idea behind solar panels is that by installing a solar power system to your home or property, you can reduce your carbon footprint, and it is meant to be a great way to save and also earn money from the surplus electricity that the system will generate.

How We Can Help With Solar Panel Mis-selling Claims?

DN Manley have a wealth of experience in financial mis-selling. Since being established in 2009 we have been committed to helping the people of the United Kingdom to receive the compensation that they are entitled to and to reclaim money that is rightfully theirs. 

We are now happy to be assisting people to claim compensation who believe that they were or may have been misled into purchasing solar panels.

We can help you to check if you may be eligible to claim a refund for Mis-sold Solar Panels and then to claim for Mis-sold Solar Panels. We can assist people from all over the UK. In fact, we have successfully assisted people to check for and make financial claims from pretty much every major city within the UK, and we cover every city, town, and village where People may have been affected by Mis-sold Solar Panels.

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