Personal Injury Claims Process

A brief guide to the process involved when making a personal injury claim.

Step One

The first step of the personal injury claims process is for you to send us an enquiry by filling out our web form. Alternatively you may contact us by email or telephone.

Step Two

Once we have spoken with you and have established that you may have grounds for a claim we will recommend a solicitor to you who you can then discuss your claim further with and explain the claiming process. You will have complete freedom of choice as to whether to instruct the solicitor or any other solicitor/legal representative of your choice.

Step Three

If the solicitor is satisfied that your claim has a reasonable chance of success they may then offer to work for you on a no win no fee basis. Once you have agreed to this the solicitor can then proceed with your claim.

Step Four

Solicitor proceeds with claim – Solicitor contacts the responsible party by sending a “letter of claim” which informs them of your intention to make a claim for compensation.

Step Five

The solicitor will then ask a medical expert to examine you and assess the severity of your injuries. You will also need to discuss a “Schedule of losses” with the solicitor which is a document listing all the expenses that you wish to claim for. This will then be sent to the responsible party asking them for these losses.

Step Six

Liability admitted – If liability is admitted by the responsible party then they will enter negotiations about an appropriate level of compensation. If this is agreed then a settlement will be reached and you will receive your compensation.

Step Seven

Liability is disputed- If liability is disputed by the responsible party then efforts will be made to reach an out of court settlement.
If this fails then your claim will go to court.

Step Eight

If you win your claim and are awarded compensation the amount of compensation will be decided by the court.